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Caruso Florist is a florist in Kensington MD. Actually, the Victorians were so into flower meanings that they wrote entire manuals for it. It was one way for people to make sure they got their bouquets and floral arrangements right. Today, flowers have the same relevance in expressing one's emotions. This of course, extends to showing sentiments to their special someones and loved ones. Everyone has an idea of the basics of the language of flowers. Red flowers, particularly roses, show your love and passion for that special someone. Yellow flowers signify friendship. White represents purity and innocence. And so on, so forth. But how complex does it get? Does the meaning evolve when mixed with other flowers, other colors, other arrangements? Does it matter if the mixture of flowers is a blend of assorted species or only one species? Does it matter if the arrangement leans to the left, the right, or stands still and upright? The short answer is, yes. There are widely accepted meanings for each color. But there are other differences to each color for different species.


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Colors and Species. Flowers usually mean pleasant things, like passion and affection. But they can also just as easily represent negative emotions such as conceit and disdain. For instance, red roses are a clear display of feelings for another. At the same time, red tulips are a love confession from one person to another. In the same manner, white violets meant innocence, but purple ones meant emotions of love. Pink carnations expressed "I'll never forget you," while pink roses meant poise and gentleness. While calla lilies showed magnificent beauty, peonies showed bashfulness, and tulips expressed passion. Of course, even the presentation of these blooms and specific arrangements matter. Trust us, you'll need it if you want to properly decipher the meaning behind flower gifts.

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Arrangement and Presentation. Flowers offered people a very exquisite means of communication. Suitors used them when trying to win over the object of their affections. Friends used them to offer condolences to a grieving family. Now, people also send flowers to celebrate their loved ones' birthdays and accomplishments. We've discussed the various meanings that a species' different colors may represent. Now, we take a closer look into the specifics of arrangement and presentation. We also discover how they may amplify or change the message that we wish to send. Here is a great example. Suitors usually made use of carnations, tulips and roses to confess their love. Women replied one of two ways. Some gave the suitor yellow carnations to show disdain and rejection. Some were more subtle and responded to their suitor with how they gave a bouquet. Giving with the right hand meant "yes", while the left hand meant "no". Additionally, the presentation and state of the bouquet added meaning to the present. For instance - delivering the arrangement upside down. This symbolized that the giver meant the reverse of what the flowers usually meant. Another good example is the direction of the ribbon joining the arrangement together. The meaning applied to the giver if the ribbon pulled to the left. If it went to the right, the symbolism represented the recipient. Left: Language of Flowers, from Exquisite Banana; Right: What does your arrangement mean?

Floriography. Crash Course on the Language of Flowers. In early history, flowers were a huge part of religious traditions. They served as offerings to gods and played roles in passing on their myths. Blooms also came to represent values and virtues in many communities. People knew how essential flowers were in communication. So they began to assign distinct meanings to flowers. They became a way to express thoughts and feelings. In the 1700s, French and Englishmen created a way to give meanings to flowers. This led the way to the field of floriography, or the language of flowers. In this article, we discover the origins behind the language of flowers. We go back to a brief history on the practice of gifting flowers. We discuss the ways in which the language of flowers has evolved over time, across diverse cultures. We also discover the meanings we give certain flowers and arrangements today.

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Are you in Kensington Maryland, near Washington DC area and are looking for a business that does flower delivery near you? Are you interested in having fresh flowers delivered? If the answer is yes, you have found a great resource to take care of all your florist needs. We are the best florist in Kensington Maryland. No arrangement is too big or too small for us. We provide full-service floristry services.

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History of Floriography. The Greeks and Romans held blooms in high regard. They were in awe of blooms' natural charm and vivid hues. In their vast collection of myths, the story of Persephone centers on flowers. The gentle girl is also known as the Spring Goddess. Persephone tended to gardens both in the Underworld and on earth. Bright blooms flourished in full with her care. Various species blossomed in her gardens. Many asserted that they grew even more lovely in her presence to please her. Likewise, Ancient Egyptians decorated their carts with wreaths before going off to war. They also placed flowers inside their loved one's tomb before burying them. The Egyptians draped flowers around their offerings to their gods. They did this as a token of love and devotion. The lotus flower was their most honored flower. It held meanings of renewal, so they used them in their gifts. In time, these societies used flowers based upon the meanings linked to them. Lilies, for instance, embodied purity. The colonial era produced the first complete guide to flowers and their meanings. This advanced side by side with floristry. People began to modify floral designs to the meanings behind flowers. The Art and Science of Flower Meanings. The Victorian Era set the pace for the more complex language of flowers today. People from this era relied quite a lot on flowers to convey their emotions. Because of this, experts had to write out entire books on flower meanings. Greeks and Egyptians used bundles of the same bloom. In contrast, the Victorian period saw arrangements with a wide variety of flowers. This was to impart a mix of meanings of various flowers. Floriography then grew into an entire field of study. It set out to give flowers meaning based on where and when it grew. Today, people know that flowers hold a wide range of meanings. One needs to regard the flower's history, color, and its position in its arrangement. This is the perfect way to embody genuine feelings and sentiments. In recent years, people have begun to factor in flowers' scents. They're now as vital as the colors and shapes of flowers in floral design. Flower shops also feature fragrances in their marketing appeal.


Kensington, Maryland

Kensington is a town in Montgomery County, Maryland, United States. The population was 2,213 at the 2010 United States Census. Greater Kensington encompasses the entire 20895 ZIP code, with a population of 19,054. Kensington, Maryland coordinates at 39°1′34″N 77°4′22″W.

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